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Bamboo Massage

This exotic and extraordinary acupressure massage features bamboo poles that your masseuse will gently roll and drum over your entire body to relax your muscles and invigorate your senses. The rhythmic flow of the massage as it triggers your acupressure points will help you achieve a trance-like state and imbue you with a feeling of lightness.


Indulgence sessions and prices

60 Minutes   $200 AUD

90 Minutes   $300 AUD 

120 Minutes $400 AUD


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 20:00

SMS to book 0499 382 159

Products and ambiance

The bamboo massage is performed using oil on a massage table.


More information

Bamboo massage uses special bamboo canes. The round and smooth texture of bamboo makes it an ideal tool for body massage. The technique has a long tradition in the Asia-Pacific region, where bamboo is regarded as an essential part of the positive things in life: health, purity and friendship.

There are now many modern tools and equipment available for professional massage. Many of these inventions do certainly simplify the work of massage practitioners and give clients new experiences, but techniques that rely on traditional tools, without electronics, specially treated plastic surfaces or other modern "bells and whistles", demonstrate that not every new invention is an absolute must. Bamboo massage is an example of such a technique.

Bamboo – A symbol for vitality

Bamboo has many important practical applications in Asian countries but is also a symbol for positive experiences. For instance, it is associated with a long life in China. It represents purity in Japan, and friendship in India. Bamboo is used in horticulture and housebuilding as well as in the manufacture of furniture, musical instruments or weapons. The sprouts are eaten as a vegetable or pickled. Bamboo is used in wood-based materials and woven into textiles. Historically, most of the paper in China was made from bamboo pulp. In addition, it was used as firewood because it is a good source of energy. To this day, bamboo is used as an energy source in industry.

This diversity of uses and meaning is due to the bamboo's vitality. Its association with purity and longevity makes it an important ally for humankind, not only on a symbolic level. Even today, its many diverse functions make life easier. Bamboo massage affirms the connection of a long life with purity and the "bamboo vitality".

Bamboo massage – Natural vitality

By eschewing artificial utensils, bamboo massage aligns itself with nature. The energy of the bamboo is transferred directly to the body. The bamboo canes are hard wooden canes, mainly used for rolling and tapping. The intensity of these movements is adapted to the needs of the client. Tense and knotted muscles are loosened not just by the practitioner's movements but also through the bamboo itself, which, in a sense, transmits its vitality to the client.

Even though being pummelled with canes may appear somewhat harsh at first, it is just this "gentle harshness" which is critical to the success of the treatment. A sense of ease, rest and relaxation manifests itself with the rhythmic touch of the warmed bamboo cane on the body, especially in the areas of tension and pressure. A variety of canes are used for bamboo massage. They vary in length and thickness and are used either warmed or at room temperature. Rolling and tapping is used for area or spot stimulation. Oil is added when larger areas are massaged. This facilitates more fluid movements, and using essential oils also stimulates the senses of smell and touch (via the skin).

Because bamboo grows very straight, the canes are suitable massage utensils, especially since the round, smooth and straight form permits soft rolling and tapping movements. Sticklers for detail may also select their canes according to their texture, e.g. the silica content, as well as according to their length and thickness. Knowing these detailed characteristics is not necessary for a normal bamboo massage. If it is used to improve elasticity and tone of the skin however, then detailed information about the properties of the bamboo canes is very important so that the skin can derive maximum benefit.

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