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Sexy slippery massage with Wash down experience together with your beautiful practitioner. 

This sensual experience in such a beautiful pampering that you will come back for more. 

using a slippery type of Geru Gel, this is soft, slippery and beautiful. 

 Geru is a unique blend of body slides using all body parts, from thighs, buttocks, feet, forearms and back to allow a full body contact experience. 

You will also be washed and bathed in with bubbles and body wash by the practitioner.  

Sessions are from $250hr. 

SMS to book with what time suits to 0499 382 159 for an appointment today

Geru Massage

You will be disrobed and enveloped in a warm shower. Cocooned in warm body wash and your practitioner will wash you and bathe you and get you squeaky clean. 

The highlight of your session is an extremely erotic B2B massage using slippery Gel. Right from the outset, when your body is enveloped in warm slippery gel as it is delicately poured over you by your masseuse, your entire body will start shivering with pleasure. What follows is an exquisite symphony of movement conducted by velvety soft hands coupled with an intensive body-to-body massage unlike any you have experienced before - and which in spite of the mild cooling effect of the gel is sure to send your body temperature soaring.

The massage is rounded off with a sensuous and especially slick massage of your erogenous zones using our imaginative and varied bodywork technique that draws on Far Eastern principles. Your masseuse will pleasure you in a powerful yet playful manner using all of the skills they have at their disposal.  

At the end, you will return to the shower and she will wash and bathe you again, washing off all the gel while you are seated and bring you to a beautiful place of serene bliss. 

Indulgence sessions and prices

90 Minutes  from $400 AUD

120 Minutes from $500.AUD


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 20:00

Sms 0499 382 159

Products and ambiance

The shower washdown or ARAV washdown is performed on a waterproof shower seat, and the massage takes place on a comfortable bed with a waterproof covering. T

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