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Add this to any session style you choose at no added charge. 

Seated on a waterproof chair, in the shower, together with your beautiful practitioner, you will be washed down and cleaned with the warm water and bubbles and soap lather. Both of you nude, washing and bathing either only yourself, or both of you, (depending on the service you book for).


You will need to make sure you mention that you want the Arav washdown with your session when you book. 

As you come in for your session, the practitioner will talk to you about what you want to do. She will discuss with you and show you the menu. This is the time to mention that you want the Arav washdown. We recommend you book for a 90min session if you want an Arav washdown because it will take a good 15min at the start and at the end of the session, leaving less time for the massage component. But some like it this way. 

Luxurious body to body erotic massage.

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