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Honey Massage

Most of us will probably know honey as a sweet spread on the breakfast table or as a household remedy for colds. But honey can also be used in an aromatherapy massage in the wellness area. The honey massage invigorates body and soul, cleans the body and strengthens the immune system. The honey used for the massage is not sticky, it feels soft and silky. The honey massage oil we use in our massage studio supplies the skin with important nutrients, vitamins, and moisturises the skin. The massage product has many skin-caring qualities, it offers a smooth skin, is a pure vegetable oil, and does not contain any chemical additives.

The hands of your masseuse or your masseur glide lovingly over your skin using the pleasantly tempered massaging honey. This creates soft, flowing massage movements that ensure your relaxation and well-being. The honey massage is carried out slowly and applying little pressure. The massaging technique comprises mainly even caressing movements. Mainly the soft parts of the body are massaged to relax the muscles and tissue. Stress and restlessness disappear, and the bee product gives new vitality.

The honey connects us to nature, but the subtle smell of honey also releases and stimulates the creation of serotonin - a hormone-like substance with a mood-enhancing effect. It becomes easier to cope with stress, and happy feelings are experienced more intensely. The honey massage is a very special feel-good experience which beguiles your senses.

Indulgence sessions and prices 

60 Minutes   $200 AUD

90 Minutes   $300 AUD

120 Minutes $400 AUD

Appointment  0499 382 159

Products and ambiance

The honey massage is performed using pre-warmed cocoa oil on a massage table.


More information

Honey massages are frequently used in the wellness sector. They also have many health benefits, and are therefore also used for therapeutic purposes. In a honey massage two health elements are combined: the manual stimulation of the body and the use of honey as a remedy. Honey was already known as a remedy in ancient cultures. The ancient Egyptians used it just as much as the ancient Teutons. Honey promotes wound healing and reduces pain. Massaging with oil has its origin in Russia and Tibet, and it has now been used to detox the body for several decades. The fact that honey can also be used as part of a beauty treatment is another positive effect of the massage.

Honey does not only taste good at the breakfast table, but it is also an effective and trusted remedy for inner and outer treatments. Just think of the cup of milk with honey, which our grandparents gave you when you were a child, when you started coughing or complaining about a sore throat, or the honey they put on your wounds. The many recipes that use this sweat ingredient clearly show that honey also has an inspiring effect - but above all mead is a good proof. A massage with honey combines the positive effects of the honey with those of the massage. The mechanical influence of sin, muscles or tissue through the massage impulses lead to deep relaxation. The honey gives a warming feeling and can spread its effects over the entire body, because it can also transport its active ingredients through the skin pores into the body. The honey massage enables the client to experience sweet moments, in which body and soul can regenerate.

Honey as a remedy

Honey is a proven remedy for sore throats and pharyngitis. It also helps against difficulties to fall asleep. Hippocrates, the best-known doctor in ancient Greece, already recommended honey as a panacea. The positive effects have by now been proven on many occasions. Honey has an antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic effect. If you eat two spoons of honey per day you stabilise your immune system. A glass of warm water combined with lemon and honey on an empty stomach is a simple detoxification programme that strengthens the liver. It is also well-known that honey is an excellent source of energy and cures indigestion. In combination with massages it is interesting that honey has a skin-cleansing effect. Skin impurities are simply covered in honey, and the ingredients take their effect overnight.

The honey massage

When the body is fully relaxed and the liquid honey is slowly poured over it and then spread so that every body part senses the cosy warmth of the sweet foodstuff, relaxation deepens, and the spirit reaches a state of very deep happiness. We only use high-quality honey. It should be as pure and natural as possible. Cold-spun honey has the most ingredients, and it is therefore preferred in honey massages. The use of honey in massages depends on the purpose. If honey is above all used for detoxification purposes, the massage technique is different from a massage to increase well-being and reach a state of relaxation. In a detoxification massage honey is applied, rubbed in and washed off several times. In a relaxation massage the honey is applied after it has been warmed up and thinned with water. Honey must not be too solid, as this prevents it even application, and it makes it more difficult to give a relaxing massage. Regardless of a full body massage or a massage on body parts: Relaxation is achieved by evenly rubbing in the honey with a special massage technique. The order and the choice of individual steps of the massage are secondary. Here, the clients can express their own desires. It is however recommendable to start the massage on the back and neck, because many muscles can be tensed up in these parts. Stomach and face are often left out. Honey can have an unpleasant effect in the face, which has a negative impact on the relaxation.

We can give the following general rules for the massage technique:

If the main purpose is relaxation, sliding and caressing movements are used. These are also applied in many other forms of massages. For a detoxicating honey massage mainly pumping techniques and kneading are used to both spread the honey and let it act on the body.

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