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Imagine lying down in a huge Shower Room.

Having a gorgeous nude practitioner wash you down with warm water and using an old technique of creating bubbles using a special case, to cover your body with soap bubbles and lather.


Then perform a body to body massage on you and use those bubbles to massage you. Scrubbing you and bathing you and washing you at the same time. An erotic and sensual experience unlike anything else. Then washing you down and allowing you to snuggle in the essence of the Turkish Bath experience.


The Turkish Bath is rounded off with a sensuous and especially slick stimulation of your erogenous zones using our imaginative and varied bodywork technique that draws on Far Eastern principles.


Your practitioner will pleasure you in a powerful yet playful manner using all of the skills they have at their disposal

The sensual, second half of this massage consists of soft, attentive stroking movements and gentle, tender caresses all over your body – in particular, your erogenous zones – and culminates in a stimulating massage of your genital area. Here, we use our imaginative and varied bodywork technique based on Far Eastern principles to provide you with maximum pleasure.  


Walk away feeling clean, feeling fresh, having a beautiful wash down and erotic experience unlike anything else. We recommend a 90minute session for the Turkish Bath. 

Indulgence sessions and prices

60 minutes from $250

90 Minutes $400 AUD 

120 Minutes $500 AUD


Contact us daily from 09:45 - 20:00

SMS 0499 382 159

Products and ambiance

The Turkish Bath massage is performed using large amounts of Soap Lather.


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